Steel Sack Truck

Style: Steel Sack Truck
Sale price£125.00


The Heavy Duty Trader Sack Truck is a modern sack truck constructed with welded steel and fitted with protective hand grips as standard. 2 options available either rubber tyres or pneumatic tyres.

Finished in a Blue epoxy.


  • Large max capacity: 250kg 
  • 5  Day Delivery 
  • Heavy Duty Materials
  • Protective Hand Grips


2 Models Available:

Trader Sack Truck (rubber tyres) 

1135 (H) x 480 (W) 

Weight 12Kg

Max Load 150Kg


Trader Sack Truck with pneumatic tyres

1120 (H) x  545 (W)

Weight 13Kg

Max Load 250 Kg

Made in Britain

Delivery 5 Days

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