Workbench Drawer Inserts

Option: 24 Inserts
Sale price£60.00


The Workbench Drawer Inserts is designed to be used within the drawers.

Polypropylene box inserts used to bring order and organisation to drawer systems. All inserts are 69mm high and are individually removable.

Available in four options:

24 inserts - 18 x 55mm x 79mm, 6 x 70mm x 109mm

30 inserts - 30 x 55mm x 79mm

15 inserts (A) - 8 x 55mm x 79mm, 2 x 79mm x 109mm, 3 x 109mm x 157mm, 2 x 55mm x 235mm

15 inserts (B) - 8 x 55mm x 79mm, 4 x 55mm x 235mm, 2 x 79mm x 159, 1 x 79mm x 109mm


  • Organised
  • Neat & tidy
  • Save space
  • Removable 

Colour: Opaque

Delivery - 10 days 

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