Mezzanine Floors

WSP has been a supplier of new and used mezzanine floors for over 10 years. We offer a wide selection of the best racking systems at affordable prices. 

When space is at a premium why not utilise the space above by adding mezzanine floor to your space which ultimately provides you with additional space and work areas and saves you thousands of pounds.

Our new mezzanine floor systems are of the highest quality in material from steel thickness beams and uprights to solid wood or steel flooring. Our mezzanine is designed to last for a lifetime.


At WSP we understand that every business is unique and has different requirements. We aim to help you make the most of use of your space whilst ensuring safety is a top priority, saving you time and money. From commercial mezzanine floors, multi-tier mezzanine floors or retail mezzanine floors, we provide a bespoke solution for your business needs.

We do not only supply equipment, in fact, the heart and soul of our company are in our warehouse storage design and installation services. From the initial site visit to drafting layout plans to selecting the best storage system for your business and offering our accredited installation services we ensure our team provides an end to end customer service leaving you with peace of mind.


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