Coba Entrance Plush Floor Matt

Size: 600 x 900
Sale price£24.99


These highly durable and washable entrance mats feature a slip resistant base and strong polypropylene fibres which scrape and trap dirt before it enters your premises.

In this way, entrance matting helps to save cleaning costs by minimising the amount of debris brought in from outside. The matting also improves air quality and absorbs moisture from footwear to reduce the risk of accidents for your staff and customers.

This mat is ideal for a variety of workshops and environments.

  • Dimensions 900(W) x 1500(L)mm
  • Weight 3.4kg
  • Colour Red
  • Washable for slip resistant base
  • Simply vacuum to clean
  • Helps to protect and preserve flooring
  • Improves overall air quality

Dimensions/Variations (L x W)

600 x 900

900 x 1500

1200 x 1800

3 day delivery

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