Coba Superdry Doormat

Size: 600 x 900
Sale price£49.99


The COBA Superdry is a high-performance entrance area mat with optimum moisture retention.

This mat is ideal for a variety of workshops and environments.

  • Various Sizes
  • Colour Black
  • Heavy-duty entrance matting, ideal for office spaces and general workplaces
  • Natural and recycled rubber backing
  • Suitable for indoor environments only
  • Raised, reinforced 'waffle¿ pattern scrapes dirt away from footwear
  • Exceptional moisture wiping properties - able to retain up to 5.4 litres water/ m²
  • Lipped edges to help reduce tripping hazards and rubber backing for slip-resistance

600 x 900

900 x 1500

1200 x 1800

3 day delivery

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