Shop And Warehouse Display Basket Stands

Model: MT8
Colour: Blue
Sale price£48.00


A tough and durable basket constructed from welded steel with plastic coating to prevent corrosion. 

The baskets stack on top of one another. The baskets are ideal for shops, warehouses and factory's.


  • Ideal for order picking & fulfillment operations
  • For warehouse/bulk storage ›› The simplest & most effective way to display stock
  • Tough & durable, constructed from welded steel wire with plastic coating to prevent corrosion
  • Designed by engineers & built to withstand the rigours of harsh environments
  • Safe & stable, the interlocking design of these baskets ensures safe stacking
  • Plastic coating which protects the goods from damage
  • Open front containers which allow easy access to even bulky goods
  • Finish: durable plastic coating
  • Dividers available
  • Wheels and lids available upon request


Delivery 5 -7 days

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