Longspan Racking 5 Shelf Starter Bay 2.0m (H)

Size: 2.0m (H) x 1.5m (W) 0.4m (D)
Sale price£380.00


Our heavy duty Longspan Racking is made and designed to last a lifetime. Made with 3mm steel to ensure quality and support heavy loads, finished with powder coated Royal Blue (RAL 5005) and Orange (2005) and tested for load, stability and rigidity.

Our Longspan Racking bays are available in sizes 1.5m to 4m in height and 4/5/6/900mm or 1200mm deep and 1.5m to 2.5m wide.

Other heights and depths available on request.

Load Capacity Per Shelf - UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load)

1.5m wide shelf - 600Kg UDL

1.8m wide shelf - 500Kg UDL

2.0m wide shelf - 400Kg UDL

2.5m wide shelf - 300Kg UDL

Max bay load between 2 frames 2500Kg

1x Longspan Racking Starter Bay includes;

  • 2 x Uprights and Bracing
  • 4 x Base Plates
  • 10 x Beams
  • 5 x Chipboard Shelf
  • Screws and nuts required for assembly for the frame are included

Note. Floor fixing bolts are available but are sold separately.

3m+ height frames will have an upright connector included.

For Longspan 2.0m height Add-on bay click here

We offer 5 years guarantee with our Longspan Racking.

Delivery 5 -7 days


How to assemble:

Average build time: 10 - 15 mins per bay (requires two people). 

Tools required: 2 x 13mm/adjustable spanners and a rubber mallet 

Step 1 – Build end frames as per relevant drawing attached 

Step 2 – Stand built end frames upright and support vertically 

Step 3 – Locate beams into slots in upright in the required position starting at the bottom 

Step 4 – Fit remaining beams to create shelf heights as required 

Step 5 – Locate safety pins into the holes at the end of each beam to prevent dis-lodgement. 

Step 6 – Locate shelves onto beams using the correct number of shelf supports as shown below.  

Step 7 – Fix to floor or wall if required according to the 5:1 height to depth ratio.

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