Tanalised Pallet Racking Slat Board Timber Decking Open Boarded (NEW)

Depth: 900
Length: 1320
Top Size: 50mm
Sale price£33.00


Timber decking is made from rough sawn wooden planks nailed to batons.  It provides additional support for your pallets or turns your pallet racking into heavy duty shelving for non-palletised goods.

Tantalised timber or pressure treated timber is timber which has been pressure treated to help preserve the wood. When preservative protection is applied via a pressure method, the treatment gets right into the centre of the wood. Prolonging the life of the wood when used in outside conditions.

Our timber decks are available as ‘open boarded’ or ‘closed boarded’.  These ‘open boarded decks’ have gaps between the wooden planks.

1000Kg UDL

Available in various sizes: 

900 x 1320mm

1100 x 1100mm

1100 x 1320mm

Thickness - 32mm. 

40 or 50mm Top

If you require thicker than 32mm please contact us.

Note. Wood may have storage markings on.

Discount available for quantity orders.

Delivered within 5 - 7 working days
Please Note.
When using timber decks we always recommend that the palletised loads span the front and rear pallet beams. The load capacity per level will then be as per the pallet beam capacity. Please contact us for load capacity calculations if pallets or un-palletised loads are to be stored that do not span the pallet beams.

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